The ‘P’ Word

Welcome to bumble bakes, a sanctuary for all my fellow gourmets and gourmands in the world.

I am bumble, a self-professed food lover, cooking and dwelling in the bustling city of London. The kitchen is my shelter from the concrete jungle and over the years has become a place of artistic creativity and absolute freedom of expression. I can recall when I was a little bumble, standing on my tiptoes in my mother’s kitchen, trying to catch the delicate oriental aromas of orange blossom essence and freshly ground pistachios rising from a pot of warm silky custard – at that very moment, I was hooked. The culinary arts became my passion and some would argue my obsession.

However, I do have a little confession to make. For as long as I can remember, I have experienced a surreptitious fear at the thought of the ‘P’ word… That’s right,Patisserie – the art of baking. Only in my case, patisserie didn’t manifest itself as much of an art in the kitchen as a complete and utter mess. I absolutely lovebaking but by the time I am done with the recipe, the end product would just disintegrate into nothingness – gateaux, biscuits, meringues, tartelettes, scones, breads you name it. Discouraged and frustrated, I took a step back and began to question the reason for my lack of success. After all, I judiciously followed the culinary precepts of Gordon, Jamie, Delia, Nigella to the letter, painstakingly measured the ingredients, sourced the best produce I could find… So where was I going wrong?

Have you ever noticed that most recipe books tell you what to do, but never really tell you much about what the benefits and attributes of each ingredient are in the recipe? Let us not forget that patisserie is an art, as well as a science. Therefore, isn’t it more important for us patissiers to understand the balance of the formula for a gateau as opposed to accepting what the culinary gods have ordained? It’s time to stop following recipe books blindly and understand the fundamentals of baking.

No more fear – through Bumble Bakes we shall learn to listen and use our five senses to create the most delectable delights. I invite you all to join me on this culinary journey and hope that you will find inspiration and answers to your patisserie questions.


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